Our company

Murgese is an innovative brand born from the thirty years of experience of its founders in the textile sector, a passion for clothing that can be perceived in every fiber of the garments it produces. It was born as a brand for the creation of clothing for horse riding using technologically advanced materials, to convey a high profile image to the world that translates into the elegance of Italian style and the performance of innovation, together with environmental sustainability. In his path he introduces clothing solutions for sports in general, from golf to sailing, to tennis, creating his garments with a totally Italian taste, with a strong propensity for quality and technology and produces absolutely comfortable and performing garments with which it is impossible. go unnoticed, also thanks to the use of the revolutionary Graphene material. Murgese is a brand designed specifically for customers who love refinement, giving the strictly Made in Italy style to all our collections of jackets, shirts, polo shirts, T-shirts, sweatshirts, trousers, socks and sneekers. ECO-SUSTAINABLE CLOTHING, 100% MADE IN ITALY, FOR SPORT AND LEISURE

Come and visit us at our showroom in Puegnago in via Nazionale 6, you will find innovation and attention to detail, combined with the typical Italian style.
Simone Balconi Founder